I am Coming to You

Traveling through the years and time and accompanied by the sun and the moon,
Going on the bumpy and winding roads left by old wise men,
Climbing up and down on high mountains and hills,
Fording through hundreds of rivers,
Although I do not know when we may meet each other,
Thinking about the words I will say to you,
I am coming to you.

Mongolian poem by G. Mend-Ooyo
translated by N. Enkhbayar, President of Mongolia

The culture of Mongolia survived through the arts. The culture of Mongolia continued on through the great music of Mongolia. It continued on through the great artists of Mongolia. It continued in the great poets of Mongolia.

Jack Weatherford
Author – Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

Mongolia is a land of great jewels. It is a jeweled past. It is a jeweled present. And it is a jeweled future, – if we can see it.

If we look back we can see the jewels of the past. Genghis Khan was the greatest jewel in the history of Mongolia. He was a great jewel because his ideas were so far ahead of the time. Today, our words can be broadcast around the world, instantly. Genghis Khan would understand the idea. He created a communication system that united the world. In less than one month a message could go from Mongolia all the way to the cities of Hungary. Nothing like that had been done in history. Today it is faster but it is still the same.

The jewels of Genghis Khan were the great law that he gave to the people. A law that was very modern in its respect for men as well as women and its respect for every religion and every lack of religion, its respect for every idea, every craft, and also its protection for all messengers, all envoys. All people who carry information were protected. Teachers and doctors paid no taxes. It was a great and modern vision of the world that came from the jewel like mind of Genghis Khan.

The jewels of the past are easy to see. They are there for everyone. Even people in other countries can see the jewels of Mongolia’s past. And the jewels of today? What are the jewels of today? Today we can say anything. We can do anything. But what are the jewels in all this?

The jewels of the past are very easy to see. if we try hard we can see the jewels of the present but sometimes it is difficult. And what are the jewels of the future of Mongolia? What are they? Where are they? Each person has a different idea. Sometimes it is hard to see the jewels of the future.

Mongolia is a unique country. Mongolia is a land of great treasure. It is still to be found in the culture of Mongolia.

The jewels of Mongolia are still there for us to see but it is not clear that they will be there for our children to see. Will these jewels still be there? Who will decide?

Jack Weatherford
from History of Mongolia – Film